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Racial Harmony Day 2022

Name of Activity/Event

Racial Harmony Day 2022

Objective(s) of Activity/Event

Students will be able to:

1.     Appreciate the diverse races and religions that make up our multicultural society, and which contribute to our shared sense of cohesion and harmony.

2.     Practise Mindfulness, Empathy and Care in how they relate to others within their cultural context.

3.     Identify different ways to take action to preserve racial harmony in Singapore.

Date(s) of Activity/Event

15 July 2022 – 22 July 2022

Venue of Activity/Event

Punggol Cove Primary School

The theme for Racial Harmony Day 2022 is

 “Singapore: Our Multicultural Mosaic”.

 Students from Primary One to Six participated in activities that enabled them to appreciate this cultural diversity;

    • Primary One students learned the importance of showing respect to one another. They also learned how to play the traditional game of ‘Pick-Up-Sticks’.

    • Primary Two students learned that although people are different, we have much in common. They were also taught how to play the traditional game of ‘Kuti Kuti’.

    • Primary Three students deepen their understanding of another person’s culture and  became acquainted with the traditional costumes worn by different races.

    • The Primary Four students were given the role of being ambassadors of racial harmony. As ambassadors, they also encouraged their family members to be advocates of racial harmony.

    • Primary Five students learned that an understanding of the diverse cultures, helped in maintaining a harmonious relationship.

    • Primary Six students learned about the ‘kampong spirit’ in the past and how it can be generated in the present and the future.

Primary Three to Six students learned to play ‘Hopscotch’ during their recesses. By the end of the week, the students were able to understand the significance of Racial Harmony. The discussions aided them to internalise how to be more tolerant and to better their relationship with friends from other races.

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