18 December 2022 - Awards Day Celebrating As One



Congratulations to our PCPS students on their achievements in 2022!

The photographs of our students receiving their awards are available here.

P1 Orientation Slides Briefing


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2022 Home Based Learning (HBL)


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2022 Home Based Learning (HBL)

2022 P1 Registration Exercise


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2022 P2 Curiculum Briefing


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2022 P1 Curriculum Briefing


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2022 P4 Curriculum Briefing


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2022 P6 Curriculum Briefing


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After school pick up arrangement: Please note that cars will be allowed to enter the school after 1.45pm. If you need to come earlier, please park at nearby public carpark and walk over to school. We seek your understanding in this. Thank you.


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