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Our Facilities



1. Canteen

1. canteen.jpg
Students may purchase food and drinks from the canteen stalls to eat  during recess in the canteen. There are six food stalls:

Hot snacks and drink stall
Chinese Economical Rice stall
Chinese Noodles stall
Muslim Rice stall
Muslim Noodle stall
Western Food stall

Students who pack food from home may also eat their food in the canteen during recess.  

2. canteen table.jpg
Students are seated with their classmates at the designated tables in the canteen.

3. wipe down.jpg
Students are encouraged to wipe down their seating areas after eating. Besides cultivating the social responsibility in them, such action is also aligned with our school values: Empathy, Mindfulness and Care.

2. Bookshop

4. bookshop.jpg

The bookshop sells school books and essential stationery. The uniforms are available for sale at the bookshop too. Students may purchase what they need during recess. 

3. The Cove

5. cove.jpg

The Cove is a venue for many purposes, including PE lessons. It also serves as a basketball court for Basketball CCA. In addition, the Cove is open during recess for students to participate in activities and play board games. 

6. cove.jpg

The Cove is also a dismissal venue. Parents and caregivers will wait at The Cove to pick up the students who are going home via Gate E.

4. Football Field

7. field.jpg

The Football Field is used for various purposes such as PE lessons and Football CCA. It is also open during recess for students to play with their friends. Students are also provided with sports equipment to play with at the field, as part of the school’s Learn through Play programme.

8. field.jpg

9. field.jpg

5. Eco-Garden

10. ecogarden.jpg

Students enjoy coming to the Eco-Garden during recess to admire and learn about the flora and fauna while spending time with their friends. Teachers also bring students to the Eco-Garden for their Science lessons, Art lessons and outdoor activities during Programme for Active Learning (PAL).

11. ecogarden.jpg

12. ecogarden.jpg

The Eco-pond is located in the Eco-Garden, and it is home to many fishes such as Koi and water plants. Coming to the Eco-Garden allows students to see, feel and touch the organisms around them. These real-life experiences help students to appreciate and deepen their understanding of the diversity around them. 

13. ecogarden.jpg

6. Multi-purpose Hall (MPH)

14. MPH.jpg
The Multi-purpose Hall (MPH) serves as a venue for many purposes such as morning assembly programme, flag-raising, school events, PE and CCA lessons. 

7. Indoor Sports Hall (ISH)

15. ISH.jpg

The Indoor Sports Hall (ISH) is adjoining to the Multi-purpose Hall. PE lessons and Floorball CCA are carried out in the Indoor Sports Hall. 

8. Readers' Cove

16. library.jpg

Welcome to Readers’ Cove. The Readers’ Cove is a paradise for bookworms! 

17. library.jpg

Students visit the Readers’ Cove during the class’ weekly library period. Students are also allowed to borrow the books during their library periods. 
The Readers' Cove is a quiet place for reading and resting. Students are encouraged to observe silence in the Readers' Cove. 

9. Classroom

18. classroom.jpg

P1 classrooms are located on the second and third floors of the classroom blocks. 
 19. classroom2.jpg

There are cubby holes for students to place their bags, books and files in the classroom. Students may wash their hands in the sink before and after they have eaten a snack during snack break. They may use the soap provided in the classroom. 

10. Computer Rooms

20. comp lab.jpg

There are four computer rooms in our school. Students have their weekly ICT lessons such as New MICT and ALP here. Students in New Media CCA also uses this room every CCA session. Students learn basic touch typing and soft skills such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Some of the lessons were designed to complement the English language lessons. 

11. Art Rooms

21. art room.jpg
Art teachers usually bring their students to the Art room during Art lessons. 

22. art room.jpg

There are various art supplies available in the Art room. Students in the Art CCA also use this room during their CCA sessions.

12. Science Rooms

25. sci room.jpg

Science teachers usually bring students to the science rooms during Science lessons. Students carry out experiments during science lessons using the tools and apparatus provided in the science room. Students are briefed on the safety rules before starting their science activity or experiment. 

26. sci room.jpg

23. sci wall.jpg

The Science Learning Walls outside the Science Rooms enhanced students’ learning of Science concepts.

24. sci wall.jpg

13. Music Rooms

27. music room.jpg
There are many musical instruments in the Music Rooms which the students enjoy using during their weekly Music lessons. Students feel relaxed in the air-conditioned room while learning more about music and musical instruments. 

28. music room.jpg

14. PAL Rooms

33. PAL room.jpg
PAL stands for Programme for Active Learning. Primary One and Two students attend PAL lessons as part of their curriculum. In addition, students in the CCA Dance also use the PAL rooms during the CCA sessions.

29. PAL room.jpg

30. PAL room.jpg

31. PAL room.jpg

32. PAL room.jpg
There are Art and Music Learning Walls outside the PAL rooms. These walls are interactive and allow students to explore more about the various musical instruments, try them out, as well as stimulate their creativity in creating Art pieces and music.