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Vision, Mission, Values, Motto


Every student an educated child and contributing citizen,

ready to serve and lead.



Nurturing the Whole Child, 

Growing Future Leaders



Empathy, Mindfulness, Care



Values Characteristics Practices
Empathy Appreciates the perspective of others Always see where others are coming from and seek consensus. Do not reject a person based on differences or biasness.

Listens and seeks to understand Practise listening to understand others. Seek to understand before seeking to be understood.

Mindfulness Having self and social awareness Understand who we are and our impact on others.

Understand what we are good at and how we can make use of it to serve others.

Has the ability to appreciate beauty in the aesthetics and the environment Knowing how to appreciate music, art and the environment.

Knowing how to take care of the physical environment.

Is able to organise thoughts and information meaningfully before acting.

Putting thoughts and information together coherently and meaningfully to derive knowledge and wisdom for action.

Stop. Think. Do.

Able to anticipate Seeing what is happening around us and remembering events of the past to anticipate future opportunities and threats.

Care Has the ability to take care of self and others Knowing how to take care of one’s health and physical development.
Being conscious in caring for others.

Knowing how to be safe.

Believes in contributing to, caring for and serving the family and community. Identify and attend to each other’s needs at home, in school and the community.

Building a school community that serves with care.

Able to convince and win others over. Using sound reasons to convince others of our proposition. An approach that does not run-down others. Helping others to see the larger good and meeting the needs of and caring for the larger community.