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General Matters

School Matters

School Operating Hours

7.30am – 5.30pm daily

1. School Visits

    • To visit the school or meet the school staff, call the General Office to make prior arrangements.

    • For the safety of our pupils, all parents/guardians are requested to report to the General Office to              obtain a visitors’ pass before proceeding to other parts of the school.

    • Use the student handbook to communicate with the teacher of your child.

    • Parents are to wait at the allotted waiting area when fetching their children from school.

2. School Carpark

    • Parents/Guardians are kindly requested to drop off their children in the school, along the covered               porch. The speed limit for all vehicles within the school premises is 15km/h.

3. School Activities

    • Consent forms are given for ALL school activities.

    • Please ensure that the consent forms are duly signed and returned to teacher concerned.

4. Attendance

    • Any pupil who is absent for class or any school activity must produce a medical certificate or an               explanatory letter from his/her guardian.

    • Please inform FORM TEACHER via telephone/email if your child is going to be absent for MORE  than       1 day

    • If your child has to leave school early, please inform FORM TEACHER and report to General  Office to       fetch your child.

5. Other Safety Rules

    • Pupils are not to wear expensive jewellery or other valuables to school. They are also NOT to bring          too much money to school.

    • Any form of electronic devices is not allowed in school. Eg. handphone, electronic games