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Preparation for First Day of School

1. What to pack in the school bag?
o  Pencil case with pencil, ruler and eraser
o  A box of coloured pencils
o  A storybook
o  Water bottle/food for recess
o  Biscuit / Dry Food for breaks in class (In small portion) 
•  Please label your child’s/ward’s belongings (i.e. School Books, stationery,               wallet and water bottle). 
•  Name tag will be given to pupils during the P1 Orientation Day. (Please                   indicate the going home arrangement on the name tag)

2. School Attire
o  School uniform: Pupils are to wear the prescribed school uniform.                            Modification to the uniform is not allowed.
o  Top: Clean School Polo T-shirt is to be tucked in at all times. Name tag must             be sewn above the school badge. Girls are not to wear bright-                                   coloured undergarments under their school uniform.
o  Bottom: Burmudas for boys should be no longer than 1-inch above the                    knees. Girls are to wear skorts no longer than 1-inch above the knees.
o  Socks: Plain white socks are allowed and they should be worn at least 2                inches above the ankles. 
o  Shoes: Only black canvas / sports shoes are allowed. There should be no                fanciful/ reflective/ coloured stripes on any part of the shoes. 
o  PE Attire: Girls and boys can put on their school PE shorts only on days                with PE/ PAL lessons. At other times, pupils are expected to wear their                    formal school attire (Skorts / Burmudas). CCA / PE / School-approved T-                   shirts and track shoes are allowed for special programmes / activities with                consent from teachers concerned. 

3. Physical Appearance
o  Hair: To be kept simple, neat and of natural colour. Pupils are not to colour,             highlight, tint or perm their hair.
o  Boys must not have hair touching the collar, ears, or eyebrows. Hair at the                side and back must be sloped. 
o  Girls with long fringe are to keep them off their faces with blues/ black pins                or hair bands. Hair reaching below the collar must be tied up, neatly with                    plain blue/ black rubber bands or clips. 
o  Fingernails: Nails must be kept short, clean and unvarnished. 
o  Jewellery/Ornaments: No jewellery/ ornament / accessory is to be worn.                Girls are allowed to wear one pair of matching plain ear-studs on the ear                    lobe.

4. Schedule for submission of books and files to the class teachers


Books For Submission

Tuesday, 3 Jan 2017

    • Stellar Handwriting 1

    • PCPS A5 Single Lined Exercise Book           (English Spelling)

     PCPS A5 Single Lined Exercise Book
(English Vocabulary)

    • Ruled Jotter Book (English)

    • PCPS English Worksheet File (purple) with 10-part dividers &10 Sheet protectors.

Wednesday, 4 Jan 2017

    • My Pals Are Here! Maths Workbook 1A

    • My Pals Are Here! Maths Extra Practice 1

    • Mightymatics Primary 1

    • PCPS Math Worksheet File (Blue) with 10-part dividers &10 Sheet protectors.

    • Mini-whiteboard with white board marker and white board eraser.

Thursday, 5 Jan 2017

    • Mother Tongue Materials – For more information, please refer to the circular you have received today.

Friday, 6 Jan 2017

    • My Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP) Journal 1

    • Social Studies: Inquiring into Our World Activity Book 1

     PCPS My Art Folio 20-pocket

    • PCPS Art Journal

    • Art Apron

Monday, 9 Jan 2017

    • An Active and Healthy Me – Student Journal Primary 1

    • Music File

    • PCPS Report Book *40-pocket

5. Please help your child/ward to remember:    

    → Names of Form Teachers, class assigned    

    → Names and contact numbers of parents & caregiver    

    → Mother Tongue language he/she is takingJ What to say if he/she wants to go             to the washroom (E.g. May I go to the washroom please.)

    → Going home arrangement 

    → How to count money in coins and dollars ($2 dollars and below)