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From 3 to 5 January 2017

1. Parents/Guardians are welcomed to visit your child/ward at the canteen during          recess during the first three days of school. Please park at the HDB carpark.

2. From 6 January 2017 onwards, please drop off your child at the gate nearest the      LRT or outside the General Office by 7.20 a.m. Teachers will be on hand to guide     your children to the canteen for the flag-raising ceremony.

3. Parents/guardians are to pick their child/ward from the gate nearest the LRT or       outside the General office after school at 1.30 p.m.

4. Form teachers will assist the P1 pupils during recess.

5. Form Teacher will inform pupils of the class timetable through the Pupil’s                Handbook.

6. Form Teacher will assign personal cubby holes to the pupils.

7. Parents/guardians who wish to purchase books are to sign-in at the General            Office before going to the bookshop.