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The Leave Of Absence (LOA) scheme allows your child to rejoin their school after they return from overseas.

If your child is granted Leave Of Absence (LOA), they will remain as a registered student of the school. They can then be re-admitted to the school directly after returning to Singapore.

LOA applies to all SC and PR children in primary school, secondary school, junior colleges and Millennia Institute.


To be granted Leave Of Absence (LOA), your child must fulfil all 3 of the following criteria:

·       An SC or PR.

·       Presently studying in a Singapore school.

·       Accompanying you on an overseas posting with the intention of rejoining their school after returning to Singapore.

Your child also qualifies for Leave Of Absence (LOA) if they are already registered for Primary 1 (P1) but will be overseas at the start of the year.


There will be an annual nominal fee for a child on Leave Of Absence (LOA). At the end of each year, you will need to decide whether to renew the Leave Of Absence (LOA) for another year. Your child’s Leave Of Absence (LOA) status will expire if you choose not to renew.

As a guide, the annual Leave Of Absence (LOA) fee for primary schools will be at least $39.


Please prepare the following information before you proceed with the Leave Of Absence (LOA) application, such as:

•         Student information ie Full Name, NRIC/BC Number

•         Parent information ie Full Name, NRIC/FIN/Passport Number

•         Leave Of Absence (LOA) period and reason

•         Softcopy of supporting document(s) for the Leave Of Absence (LOA) application

Follow these steps to apply for Leave Of Absence (LOA):

1.    Submit the online Application Form for Leave of Absence <alternatively the Form.SG link: https://go.gov.sg/pcoveloa >

2.    The school may contact you for additional clarification and/or documents (if required). Please note that the Leave Of Absence (LOA) application is subject to the Principal's approval, and the school will notify you of the outcome.

3.    Upon successful application, the school will advise on the payment procedure for Leave Of Absence (LOA) fee.

4.    All successful Leave Of Absence (LOA) applications will expire at the end of the year and you will need to inform the school in November if you wish to renew the Leave Of Absence (LOA) for another year. Your child’s Leave Of Absence (LOA) status will expire if you choose not to renew.

Please click here in case the link for the Leave Of Absence (LOA) form is broken


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