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P1 Registration

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School Vendor

School Bus Operator
Long Lim Pte Ltd
Tel: 64822568 
URL: http://www.longlim.com/customer/form/registration/schoolbus
Email: pc@longlim.com
Download Forms:Punggol Cove Reg Form 2018.pdf Longlim GIRO Form.pdf

School Uniform Supplier
Shanghai School Uniforms Pte Ltd
Tel: 63522741
Download Info: Letter for Parents 2017.pdf

School Bookshop
BL Marketing
Tel: 62819274 
Opening hours: 0830 – 1330
Lunch Hour: 1200 – 1300

School Dental Clinic
Tel: 63857457
Open on Thursday 8 am to 5.30 pm (Lunch 1 pm to 2 pm).

PCPS Student Care Centre
• Click below to download the registration form:
    Parents Intro Letter
Registration Form
Online Registration link: www.knowledgepark.com.sg/punggolcovescc

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