What's Happening @ PCPS

We Love our Children at PCPS! Happy Children's Day

Children's Day today was celebrated with many fun-filled and meaningful activities, including Games, a Performance by a Wind Quintet and a Play by a Theater Group. We do all these because we love our children at PCPS 

Fairy Tale Comes Alive!

Fairy Tale comes alive at MK@Punggol Cove on Children's Day  The MK children having a picnic with Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs 

A record broken today! Well done children and Happy Children Day!

A Record was Broken Today! As part of Children's Day Celebration, 647 children came together to enter the Singapore Book of Records and set a new Singapore Record for the Most Number of People Bouncing Tennis Balls Together. They broke the record held by Fajar Secondary School who had 248 students doing the same feat in 2014 :) Well done Children and Happy Children's Day!

P3 Mathematics Learning Journey to GIANT Tampines

Over the last 2 days, the P3s had their Mathematics Learning Journey to GIANT Hypermarket at Tampines. The children were given a fixed amount of money to buy groceries to be donated to Punggol Family Service Center. The children used mathematical concepts to buy groceries of the best value with their limited amounts of money. Through this experience, the children applied mathematical concepts as well as do something for the needy in our community. Living up to our Motto of To Serve, To Lead.

Mass Workout to welcome back the children to Semesters 2! Happy Semester 2 Everyone!

Mass Workout to welcome back the children to Semesters 2 on a cool and wet Monday Morning. Happy Semester 2 Everyone!

Learning made fun 2018!

Learning made fun! Our children trying out the boats they made as part of their science lessons. Some even come with their own propulsion system. Well done!

Time for our Monthly Mass Dance - P1 2018

Time for our Monthly Mass Dance - P1

Time for our monthly Mass Dance - P2 and P3 2018

Time for our monthly Mass Dance - P2 and P3

MK@Punggol Cove Family Sports Day (11 May 2018)

It was a fun-filled and meaningful day for the MK children and their parents  Good Job to the MK Staff who have put this event together.

Programme for Active Learning (PAL) 2018

We take our PAL lessons seriously. Through PAL Lessons, children learn to interact with one another and learn social and emotional skills. Here, the children were making boats in groups, using limited resources and tested their boats on water. After which, they did a reflection and discussed on the issues they faced.

Workout Monday 2018!

World Scout Day 2018

The school's Scout Group celebrated her first World Scout Day on 22nd Feb 2018. The children were proud to don their scouts uniform on that day.

Lunar New Year Celebration 2018

The Children were treated to a Chinese Dance Performance in celebration of Lunar New Year. Some P3 pupils also celebrated with children at our MOE Kindergarten and were engaged in an Art and Craft Activity. Wishing All a Happy and Healthy Lunar New Year!

It's a Zumba Morning 2018!

P1 A Day at the Cove 2018

Thank you parents for the strong turn-out. Hope you have had a good time with your children in the classroom 

Co-Curriculum Activites 2018

[Pri 3] Our Co-Curricula Activities (CCA) Programme started yesterday. Indeed this is a milestone for PCPS. So glad that our children have grown over the years and are now ready to start CCA.