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edtech and Media 

Committee Mission

ICT as an enabler – Connecting People, Transforming Ideas, Enabling the Future


EdTech and Media Committee supports the school in the use of New Media and ICT to bring about quality teaching and learning for our staff and students, with the aim to connect the community, transform ideas, and enable the future.

With an understanding of our students’ and teachers’ readiness in the use of New Media and ICT, we work with different departments to customise New Media and ICT infused programmes to meet the various learning objectives. The design and development of the programmes and lessons are grounded in our school values of Mindfulness, Empathy and Care, and guided by MOE’s ICT-in-Education Masterplan 4 (MP4) and Baseline ICT Standards. 

Within the supportive ecosystem, there is regular review to ensure the alignment of the programmes to MOE ICT Masterplans, Baseline ICT Standards, and school initiatives.

We aim to productively utilize New Media and ICT for our students’ quality learning in support of the total curriculum, and to support our students to be confident creators.


ICT-in-Education Masterplan 4

Currently at the fourth Masterplan for ICT in Education (MP4), MOE continues to build on the achievements of the first three Masterplans to broaden the focus beyond Self-Directed Learning and Collaborative Learning to the Total Curriculum. In MP4, ICT is used productively to develop knowledge through subject mastery, skills through 21st Century Competencies, and attitudes through responsible digital citizenry, following MOE’s direction towards student-centric and values-driven education.

At PCPS, we are constantly guided by the vision of MP4 to nurture “Future-ready and Responsible Digital Learners”, with the goal to put “Quality Learning in the Hands of Every Learner - Empowered with Technology”. 

Baseline ICT Standards

The Baseline ICT Standards is a set of New Media Literacies with competencies to Curate, Create and Connect contents in the digital environment. These knowledge, skills and values are taught to students explicitly and implicitly through our customized New Media and ICT (New MICT) curriculum.

Alignment To School Values

With our PCPS vision of “Every student an educated child and contributing citizen, ready to serve and lead”, we are mindfully anchored in our school values in assessing curriculum needs and design. 


Purposeful Inculcation Of New Media and ICT Skills

New MICT Curriculum

Primary 1

Primary 2

Functional digital literacy

Touch Typing

Touch Typing

MS Word (About me)

MS PowerPoint

(P1 ALP – Endangered Animal)

Stop-Motion Animation

MS PowerPoint

(Guided Writing Module)


Cyber Wellness (via SLS)


Cyber Addiction

For 2 periods a week, New Media and ICT competencies are taught explicitly to the Primary 1 and Primary 2 students during New MICT lessons. These competencies are purposefully introduced and students are given opportunities to apply their learning, and to have choices about what and how to create.

By the end of Primary 2, PCPS students would have acquired basic competency with Touch Typing, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Word and Coding amongst other digital skills/platforms, and be able to work more independently and fruitfully with ICT tools. These skills would be capitalized on to enable New Media and ICT infused learning throughout their schooling years. 

Purposeful Tools For Quality Learning

With the basic New Media and ICT knowledge and skills that students have acquired, teachers are better able to harness the ICT tools to facilitate quality and active learning in all subject areas.

Other New Media and ICT skills are meaningfully integrated into the various level ALP and Cyber Wellness programmes, and taught by the teachers as follows:


Primary 3

Primary 4

Primary 5

Primary 6

New Media and ICT Tools/Platforms

Videography and Editing

Digital Animation

MS Publisher

Chrome Music Lab

SLS/Google tools

Cyber Wellness

(via SLS)

Cyber Bullying

About the Cyber World


Handling online content and behaviour

Regular Reviews for Purpose and Effectiveness

Through regular monitoring, evaluation and reviews, the committee constantly identify areas to refine the purposeful practices. At the same time, a keen lookout is kept for new ways to support the school in their New Media and ICT needs, and to further the incorporation of New Media and ICT in support of the total curriculum.