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Mother Tongue


To acquire the 4 main skills in language – Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, appreciate cultures of different races and anchoring on values in everyday living.

Key Programmes

iCharacter Reading Programme
It aims to inculcate passion for reading among pupils, instills good values and moral principles and levels up their MTL skills – Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.  It’s a thematic approach to reading with post-reading activities to impart the desired skills and values set for the books.

MTL Cultural Camp
It aims to provide our pupils an immersive environment to learn and appreciate their own cultures, as well as, cultures of other races through hands-on activities.  Incidentally, this will help to promote racial harmony through better understanding of each other’s cultral differences.

MTL Fortnight
MTL Fortnight provides platforms for pupils to actively learn MTL and the associated culture so as to experience MTL as ‘living languages’. The activities also provide authentic opportunities for pupils to use MTL and experience the culture.

Useful Websites for CL learning

Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning 


Quizlet gamesPrimary 1 Vocabularies
Primary 2 Vocabularies
Primary 3 Vocabularies
Primary 4 Vocabularies
Primary 5 Vocabularies
Primary 6 Vocabularies

Useful Websites for ML learning

Interactive games
e-book http://www.nlb.gov.sg/golibrary
Malay Language Council of Singapore  http://mbms.sg/en  
Online Dictionary  http://prpm.dbp.gov.my/

Useful Websites for TL learning

Learning portal http://vaandu.sg
Interactive games

Pupils working together to prepare for a skit.

Pupils applying newly acquired knowledge in an online quiz.

Pupils engaging themselves in self-directed e-learning.

Pupils learning sequencing through the making of dough for curry puff.

Pupils role-playing characters based on Cekap 2A Big Book.

Pupils creating handicrafts for Mother's Day.

Peer coaching during Tamil lesson.

Tamil activity 3.jpg