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Physical Education, Art aNd Music (PAM)

Key Programmes

Physical Education

Dance Fitness @ The Cove  Instill confidence and creativity in movement in pupils through monthly mass workout which includes Bokwa, Hip Hop, Zumba Kids, K-PopX Lite, K-Kardio Dance and U-Jam Fitness.
Learn-Through-Play @ The Field Pupils get to borrow, explore and play with sports equipment during recess. This also provides a platform for them to learn and practise values and social skills. Teachers use teachable moments and restorative approach to help pupils reflect and adopt a more desirable actions to solve the problems they face during playtime.
Sports Day Pupils take part in games and apply the fundamental skills they have acquired during Physical Education.
Junior Multi-Sports Event   Pupils participate in a run-jump-throw event.


World Arts Term Provides a platform for both music and art to coexist in the curriculum. Pupils undergo 10 weeks of collaborative music and art tasks linked to different global cultures.

  • P1 Indonesia
  • P2 Thailand
Aesthetics Week Pupils express themselves freely beyond the curriculum through art-making, creating crafts such as handmade gifts and explore the use of instruments and musical concepts in a non-controlled environment.
School Art Activity Pupils take part in an inter-class art activity to complete an artwork following a given theme.
Mass Singing and Dance Encourage active participation, community integration, expression of feelings through singing during celebratory events:
  • Chinese New Year
  • Hari Raya 
  • National Day
  • Teacher’s Day
  • Children’s Day
Music Showcase  Pupils get to showcase at what they have acquired during music lessons at the end of the year.