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Objectives 1.      To have more opportunities to use own  MTL  and learn more about own culture.
2.      To increase students’ knowledge and interest towards learning their Mother Tongue language and culture.
Dates 4 th  July-15 th  July 2016
Venue Classrooms and MRL

We had our Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Fortnight during the month of July. Our pupils were exposed to cultural lessons beyond the textbooks. Pupils taking Malay Language learnt more about their culture through the traditional performing art - Wayang Kulit.  They were also given the opportunity to make a Wayang Kulit puppet on their own!  Pupils taking Chinese Language enhanced their cultural richness through the traditional art of clay making.  All of them were fully engaged in designing their very own clay figurines. 

One of the highlights of the MTL Fortnight was the story-telling sessions in Malay and Mandarin respectively, conducted by our partners-in-education from the National Library Board. The sessions were engaging and interactive for our pupils.  On top of that, our Chinese pupils also had a poem recital class competition and Hanyu Pinyin quiz. Malay pupils immersed themselves in the excitement of singing competition. 

Through these activities, pupils learnt and appreciated their cultures and experienced MTLs as “living languages”. 

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