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Deepavali Celebration 2017

Name of Activity/Event

Deepavali Celebration

Objective(s) of Activity/Event

1.      To have a fun-filled Deepavali celebration for pupils.

2.      To enrich pupils with traditional culture and values.

Date(s) of Activity/Event

9th and 16th Oct 2017

Venue of Activity/Event

Classrooms and School Hall

A week before Deepavali, pupils decorated their classrooms with colouring of kolams or lamps which are related to Deepavali.  Teachers were also excited in putting up other decorations for the festival. Through these events, both teachers and pupils learnt more about the festival and had great time together, immersing themselves in creating the atmosphere in their classrooms.  This was followed by the Deepavali celebration.  Pupils gathered in the hall to learn more about why and how Deepavali is celebrated and after that they were learnt about traditional Indian dances.  This year the pupils learnt about peacock dance and the harvest festival dance.  5 pupils from P2 learnt some movements of a peacock.  Then the whole school joined in a clapping dance.  They were taught the different clapping movements and they danced to a simple music.  

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