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MTL Fortnight 2017

Objective(s) of Activity/Event

  1. To have more opportunities to use own MTL and learn more about own culture.
  2. To increase students’ knowledge and interest towards learning their Mother Tongue language and culture.

Date(s) of Activity/Event

3rd July-14th July 2017

Venue of Activity/Event

Classrooms and Hall

During the month of July, we had our Mother-Tongue Language Fortnight 2017. The theme this year was traditional games.  

One of the highlights of the MTL Fortnight was the chance to play traditional games like, Five Stones, Lering, Gasing, Hopscotch and Chapteh in the hall. On top of that, our Chinese pupils also had small group drama, Hanyu Pinyin quiz and poems recitation. Malay and Tamil pupils immersed themselves in the excitement of singing competition and poem recitation.  

Through these activities, pupils learnt and appreciated traditional games and its background.

2017 MTL Fortnight.jpg
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