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Kindness Week 2018

Objective(s) of Activity/Event

Pupils will be able to:

1.      Gain a better understanding on what kindness is at the end of the activities.

2.      Understand the importance of showing kindness to their friends, family and the community.

3.      Learn ways in showing kindness to their family, friends, school and community.

Date(s) of Activity/Event

21 May 2018 to 24 May 2018

Venue of Activity/Event

Punggol Cove Primary School  

A myriad of activities kick-started our Kindness Week at PCPS. Screening of Singa Kindness videos and quizzes, assembly sharing, writing of kindness notes were some of these activities planned for our students. Each level, from Primary One to Three, participated in events and activities that encouraged them to exercise kindness one to another.
For example, every morning of the week, Primary 1 students watched a video that touched on values, particularly on the value of ‘kindness’ and there was a quiz with provoking questions such as ‘When we say something unkind, why should we say ‘sorry’?

During recess, students were enthused into writing kind notes for their family, teachers, classmates etc; driving home the message of ‘being kind’ is simple to do, important and beneficial for everyone.

In the classroom, students were also introduced to the idea of being a ‘bucket filler’ through e-books such as “Have You Filled A Bucket Today?” and “How Full Is Your Bucket?”. Using the analogy of an ‘invisible bucket’, students are encouraged to fill up each other’s emotional banks through kind deeds or considerate acts.  Primary Two students went into discussion, after the book reading, on differences between a ‘bucket filler’ and a ‘bucket dipper’ and were encouraged to come up with two practical ways of ‘bucket filling’. Primary Three students read two stories on ‘being inclusive’ and ‘paying kindness forward’. 

Kindness does not end after this week, students were urged to look out for opportune moments whereby they can show kindness to people around them; such behavior will make the world we live in, a better place for everyone.