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Racial Harmony Day 2019

Objective(s) of Activity/Event

Pupils will be able to:

1.     Appreciate the different cultures that make up Singapore.

2.     Practice Mindfulness, Empathy and Care in how we relate to others within their cultural context.

3.     Identify different ways to be advocates to promote racial harmony.

Date(s) of Activity/Event

22 July 2019 – 2 August 2019

Venue of Activity/Event

Punggol Cove Primary School

Target Level(s)

Primary 1 to Primary 4

The theme for Racial Harmony Day 2019 was “The Singapore Connection”. In addition to an assembly performance, students from Primary One to Four participated in activities that enabled them to appreciate the different cultures in Singapore.

·       The Primary 1 and 2 students had a cultural tour in the school library to learn more about the different cultures in Singapore. They used tablets and worked in pairs to answer the quizzes to check their learning.

·       The Primary 3 students participated in class discussions that helped to deepen their understanding of another person’s culture and values in order to establish mutual respect for one another in their daily interactions with their friends.

·       The Primary 4 students were given the role of being ambassadors of racial harmony. They wrote their suggestions on the Orange Ribbon Message Tags and invited their juniors to join them in promoting racial harmony. As ambassadors, they also encouraged their family members to be advocates of racial harmony.

By the end of the week, the students were able to understand the significance of Racial Harmony. They learnt to be more tolerant of others and to better their relationship with friends from other races!