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P1 Transition Programme 2019

Objective(s) of Activity/Event


Students will be able to:

1.    Transit smoothly into the start of school.

2. Welcome their teachers and friends back to school and establish rapport with them through class bonding session.

3. Understand the importance of safety, hygiene, class/school routines and class/school rules through teaching and reinforcement in the classrooms.

4. Understand the importance of having good organisational, communication and interpersonal skills and practising them daily in classrooms.

5.    Set personal and class goals (deals) for the year (P3/4)

Date(s) of Activity/Event

2 January 2019 to 4 January 2019

Venue of Activity/Event

Various school venues

We entered the new academic year with our students going through a three-day transition programme in school. Students were feeling excited as they welcomed their teachers and peers back to school through fun class bonding games and activities.

During these three days, students recalled and were taught about the importance of safety, hygiene, class and school routines and rules which they need to put to practice daily in order to take of themselves and others around them.

The Primary 1 and 2 students were also equipped with organisational, communication and interpersonal skills like organising their pencil cases, desks and school bags, recognising and counting money, making friends and speaking correctly when greeting and asking permissions from their teachers.

The Primary 3 and 4 students were guided to make personal targets and class goals so as to regulate their learning and behaviours throughout the year in achieving these targets.

At the end of the programme, students acquired better self-management skills in achieving personal well-being and effectiveness. 

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