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Chinese New Year Celebration 2020

Objective(s) of Activity/Event

Students will be able:

     1.   To have a fun-filled Chinese New Year celebration.

     2.   To learn and appreciate the traditions of Chinese
     New Year.

     3.   To show respect and appreciation to family     
    members and teachers.


Date(s) of Activity/Event

24 Jan 2020

Venue of Activity/Event

Classrooms and School Hall

Target Level(s)

Whole School+MK & Valour Pri + MK

The school celebrated Chinese New Year on 24th January 2020. Prior to that, students learnt to sing Chinese New Year songs during music lessons and decorated the classrooms during Social Studies lesson in preparation for the celebration. 


This year, Punggol Cove Primary School celebrated Chinese New Year with Valour Primary School as they shared the school premise with us in Term 1.


On the day of celebration, students learnt about Chinese New Year tradition in class and
made Chinese New Year postcard to show
respect and appreciation to family members and teachers.

During the concert, students were mesmerized by the whimsical umbrella magic
performance, which embodied the charm of dance and magic.  Wushu performers displayed dance of martial arts with synchronized movements. Lion dance performances are a quintessential part of the Chinese New Year experience. The lion dance perform the plucking of the greens, said to bring good luck and prosperity. Both principals were invited to receive the couplet, which symbolized happiness and good luck. Our student counsellors have also took this opportunity to show appreciation to our teachers by presenting mandarin oranges. The celebration exposed students to Chinese culture and ended on a high note with mass singing.

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CNY 08 Umbrella Magic Performance.jpg