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Chinese New Year Celebration 2022

Objective(s) of Activity/Event

Students will be able:

1.   To have a fun-filled Chinese New Year celebration.

2.   To learn and appreciate the traditions of Chinese New Year.

3.   To show respect and appreciation to family members and teachers.   

Date(s) of Activity/Event

31 Jan 2022

Venue of Activity/Event

Classrooms - Zoom celebration

Target Level(s)

Whole School

2022 marks the year of the Tiger, and Punggol Cove Primary School is decorated with pictures of the zodiac animal coloured by students during Social Studies lesson. In preparation for the Chinese New Year (CNY) celebration, students learnt CNY songs during Music lessons.

The day kick-started with different classroom activities for each level. Students learnt more about the traditions of the festive celebration, followed by craft activities related to the celebration.

The school came together as one via Zoom meeting while observing safe-distancing measures. It was the first time for students to co-host the event with a teacher emcee. The three selected P6 tiger babies did a fantastic job as student emcees, introducing the various videos and performances to the school. Students were excited by the Lion Dance video clip and intrigued by the Face-Changing performance often seen in Sichuan opera. They were also looking forward to their pre-recorded CNY greetings for the school. Students participated actively during the Quiz segment by using the FAST kit in their Student’s Handbook. The last segment of the celebration was a medley of songs performed by various groups: P6 Choir members, music teachers and PCPS teachers. The dance performance put up by PCPS teachers titled U Hu Jia Ba Jin”, had lyrics sending wishes and hope for a better and healthier Tiger Year for all.

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