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What is Cyber Wellness?

Cyber Wellness (CW) refers to the positive well-being of internet users.

The focus of CW is to help our students to become responsible digital learners by understanding online behaviours and being aware of how to protect themselves in the online space.

Students should also be positive peer influence and harness the power of technology for the good of the community. 

MOE’s Cyber Wellness Framework


3 principles of Cyber Wellness

These 3 main principles will guide our students’ decision-making and anchor their well-being:

       Respect for self and others.

       Safe and responsible use.

       Positive peer influence.

Through CW lessons, our student will be taught to:

       Sense – Identify possible online risks and protect themselves.

       Think – Analyse, evaluate and reflect on a situation based on the CW principles.

       Act – Take actions to keep safe and be a positive influence online.

PCPS Cyber Wellness

In order to equip students with lifelong social-emotional competencies and sound values to become safe and responsible digital learners, our school’s CW curriculum ties in closely with the CCE curriculum to bring about a holistic CW education. 


How PCPS Cyber Wellness curriculum aligns with MOE

There are 3 major CW themes in the Primary CW curriculum – Cyber identity and cyber use, Cyber relationships and Cyber citizenship.


Source: https://beta.moe.gov.sg/programmes/cyber-wellness/

PCPS Cyber Wellness Themes

Mapping the major CW themes to our school’s CW curriculum, our school focuses on the following for each level:



Baseline ICT Standards

Baseline ICT standards are sets of essential soft and technical skills students develop over the course of their education to prepare them for the future.

Our school’s CW themes are closely aligned to the Baseline ICT Standards to meet the learning needs of our students.     

Here is an overview of the learning outcomes covered in our CW curriculum.



Learning Outcomes


Access to Information

Demonstrate effective search skills

P5 - 6

Practise safe and ethical search

P4 - 6

Information Management

Organise digital information (from a wide variety of sources) using appropriate data

management tools and strategies


Inquiry of Information

Determine reliability of information

P4 - 5

Proactive risk evaluation and management

Adopt a proactive

stance to maintain online safety

P1 - 6


Apply fundamental understanding of ethical/legal issues surrounding the creation and sharing of digital creation



Manage personal online identity and reputation

P1, 4, 6

Demonstrate appreciation for diversity and social cohesion

P1 - 6

Basic Operation of Computing Devices

Operate and navigate in multiple forms of user interface

P1 - 6

Basic Operation of Applications/Software

Use application software, files and folders effectively

P1 - 6

Our Programmes and Initiatives

Programmes and initiatives are carefully curated according to CW themes, keeping in mind the current affairs in our cyber world.

A.        Class Talks

In Term 1, each level will go through a Cyber Wellness class talk to have a better understanding of the main CW theme of the level.

B.        SLS Lessons in Term 2 and Term 4

As a follow-up to the class talk, students will recap and be engaged in activities related to the CW theme. This allows students to learn and apply their skills in scenario-based questions and Cyber Wellness-related games.

C.        Cyber Wellness Student Ambassadors (CWSAs)

CWSAs are role models who actively influence their peers to create a safe and kind online community. They do this through:

  • Guiding their peers on how to behave in the digital world
  • Championing school-wide CW outreach efforts

CWSAs are given opportunities to attend workshops and be part of CW projects to create awareness about CW in school. 


Our Cyber Wellness Student Ambassadors 2019 presenting on Personal Data Protection.

D.        ICT Connect @ Cove

To complement the CW curriculum in school, parents can play an important role in demonstrating how technology can be used responsibly by guiding our students on how to navigate the cyber safe safely.

Our newsletters provide useful and bite-sized tips for parents on how to support our students in their Cyber Wellness education.

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