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Programme for Active Learning

Our Programme for Active Learning (PAL) provides Primary 1 and 2 pupils with broad exposure to the four PAL domains namely Outdoor Education, Performing Arts, Sports & Games and Visual Arts. This programme is experiential in nature, encompasses learning in a creative way and incorporates values and social emotional learning. The activities are fun and enjoyable, present opportunities for pupils to create and grow in confidence as well as give space for creation and build teamwork.

Primary 1

Music, Dance and Sports & Games

Primary 2

Visual Arts, Outdoor Education and Drama

The PAL modules are 100% designed and facilitated by teachers. Varied and engaging pedagogies are used to facilitate creative and hands-on learning that allows pupils’ inquiry and interest to drive the direction of the learning during lessons. This creates a learning environment that welcomes play, exploration and teamwork. By end of Primary 2, pupils would complete the six modules and develop confidence, curiosity and cooperation skills as well as their social-emotional competencies.


  PAL P2 Outdoor Education Module - Working in teams to create their own boats.

PAL P1.jpg

   PAL P1 Dance Module - Students tapping on their creativity on the use of fan in dance.

PAL P2 VA.jpg   PAL P2 Visual Arts Module - Learning to share and exchange materials to create a coral reef as a                                                             group.

PAL P1 Music.jpg               PAL P1 Music Module - Exploring sound and creating tunes together with peers using                                                                        materials brought from home.