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Parent Support Group

Parent Support Group (PSG) @ Punggol Cove Primary School

On 24th February 2017, we held our first  
PSG1.PNGParent Support Group (PSG) Meeting.  It was heartening to see many parents who have pupils’ interest at heart came for the meeting. Many were eager to find out what they can do to benefit the pupils in Punggol Cove Primary School. Parents are important stakeholder to us and we value every inputs provided by them. We firmly believe that their valuable suggestions will in turn strengthen our school policies and programmes. Through every parents’ active involvement, many children feel motivated towards their learnings and growth.  

Our first parent-school partnership experience to Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden on the 25th May 2017. 


There are many benefits in joining the Parent Support Group. When you are well-versed of the environment that your child is studying in; you will be able to support your child in their holistic development. Furthermore, through PSG, strong network with other parents could be formed and this will certainly benefit you in your parenting endeavour in a long run. It is vital when parents, teachers, school and the community shared a common vision that will contribute for the betterment of our children’s holistic growth. If you are interested in joining the PSG, do contact Mr. Benjamin Chew via email at chew_chung_siong@schools.gov.sg.